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"A Short History of Decay" opening reception and performance Dec. 7th

  • gallery location 1009 McKinley Ave. Columbus, Ohio (map)

"A Short History of Decay"

“Beauty throughout time, always changing, morphing into something new; changes so slow, undetectable by the human eye.

A room in an abandoned building; the paint peels, the light seeps in, the mood changes the atmosphere and creates a beautiful moment, one perhaps that will go unseen for all time. When we surround and surrender to the decay around us, a deeper experience follows.

The canvases we work on are rendered into images organic to our essence, just as nature strips down human walls as effortlessly as wrinkles form upon your skin, while the writings on these canvases are a portal into consciousness. Scattered thoughts; some are like a distant storm, dim and undecipherable, while others are like a light breeze upon the reverie of your mind. 

It is a meditation on time, shrouded in metaphor. Being surrounded on all sides by these rotting, yet beautiful walls, man's temporal achievements are replaced with the immediate visceral reaction of transcendence. During these fragile moments, your being is immersed into the immediate present; in this trance, the temporal nature of space is revealed while the movement of time shows itself from within. It is the perfect moment. The tragedy is that it is always changing and you may be lucky enough to bear witness.”

Roman Sirotin, a native of Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Jennifer Gordon, a native of New Hampshire, have been collaborating artistically, since 2010. They are multi-media artists, performance artists, writers, and misanthropes.

The work showcased here is primarily co-painted by both artists and were created at the same time on the canvas.


Later Event: December 21
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