Elier Rodriguez Espinosa

August 14 to September 11, 2014

On August 15 from 6-10PM Elier Rodriguez Espinosa, show opening will introduce Columbus to Elier's large scale expressive paintings that he has been working on while collaborating with graffiti artist in New York City. Inspired by artists like Picasso, & Chagall, taught by the famous Mexican muralist Artemio Guerra, Elier blends his classic expressive cubist style with his collaborative experiences working with Coco 144 and Phase II, NYC street art giants. Elier's solo show will open on August 14 and run to September 11.

Elier Rodriguez Espinosa has recently returned to Columbus after living & working in New York City for 10 years. About this current body of work Elier has said "Blurring the lines between mediums and exploring what has historically been the separation of art is what intrigues me now."

On July 25th, 2014 Olchar E. Lindsann, John M. Bennett, & C Mehrl Bennett performed sound/phonetic poetry (or other kinds of poetry) to the delight of all. John M. Bennett & C Merhl Bennett performed first, followed by Olchar E. Lindsann's solo performance of the seminal Dada performance poem, The Ursonate. 

About the poets:
John M. Bennett is an internationally recognized poet and artist, with hundreds of books and other publications in several languages. He is Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at the Ohio State University Libraries.

C Mehrl Bennett is a writer, artist, and occasional curator. She works digitally with audio, video, photos, visual poetry, artistamps, and in a multitude of ways with found objects, collage, traditional art materials, mailart, fluxus performances, and in collaborations with others.

Together, they run Luna Bisonte Prods, a publisher of avant-garde literatures and arts.


Olchar E. Lindsann is a CCAD alumni and lived in Columbus from 1998-2005. He started performing sound poetry there, and co-founded an avant-garde movement called Post-NeoAbsurdism which began as a bad joke but now involves a few dozen people in four countries, and started a small press (link below). Olchar then spent a few years studying performance, writing and critical theory at Dartington College of Arts in England before returning to New Jersey, then to Roanoke Virginia, where he teaches and runs a library part-time at a small alternative high school and work in a parking booth. 


About the Ursonate:

The Ursonate, first written and performed by Kurt Schwitters in 1925. A pioneer of Phonetic Poetry, Schwitters broke down language past the level of meaning and arranged syllables solely on the basis of their sound and rhythm, thus creating a poem that worked like a form of music, but with different principles of rhythm, tone, and voice and a greater range of interpretation for the performer. The poem is an hour in length, intricately composed with motifs that appear, disappear, return and merge with each other. Audiences members have often reported beginning with laughter and ending in trance-states. Even 90 years later, the piece remains one of the most epic and complex sound-poems ever written, and within the avant-garde performing it is one of the ultimate challenges that a sound poet can take on.

Olchar E. Lindsann's version pays homage to the interpretations of other performers but is also unique, incorporating aspects of traditional chant, experimental and Minimalist music, Harsh Noise, and Death Metal. The process of interpreting the score, developing a set of vocal techniques designed for it specifically, and rehearsing it took about a year, & was debuted at the Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke, VA this past March, for an audience of about 100. Since then Olchar has been rehearsing it regularly as a part of his daily life, and this is second opportunity to actually share it with others.

hapticopticmanicpanic   Paper, paint, glitter and resin on wood 30" x 80"      2008-2010

Paper, paint, glitter and resin on wood
30" x 80"      2008-2010

Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski

   This show is essentially a summation of my artistic practice for the better part of the last decade. In viewing the work collected it is clear that attentions shift, interests change; time is the most powerful solvent of all, blurring some passages, erasing others completely.

   Overall thus far my guiding intent has been to explore the potential of abstraction through experimentation with materials and  a keen focus on the interactions of color. Beyond that, the specifics vary from body of work to body of work, from piece to piece, often faded from precise memory.

   I am a firm believer that the viewer completes the art work, it remains unfinished until eyes gaze upon it. I remain wary of using words to lead interpretations of the work. I've seen words elevate garbage to high plinths, and wrench masterpieces down into the mud. Regardless, I know that seeing all of this work together for the first time will tell a story too compelling to be cluttered by words.

About the Artist

   Nikos Fyodor Rutkowski was born in Columbus, OH in 1979. Quite a bit of formative years accrued until he graduated Cum Laude from The Columbus College of Art & Design in 2002. Then after several years of informative post-college “adulthood” he became instrumental in founding the Franklinton Arts District, creating its most popular event, Urban Scrawl.



Sara E. Adrian

"I mostly paint and draw, but I also curate shows and sometimes host events and take part in performance art. It’s part of my philosophy that we should all support each other in doing great work and amazing things so that in the end we all have great stories to tell."

R. Mario Borgia

Creativity brings my spirit closer to understanding a very minute portion of the universe.



Artist, Sculptor, Craftsman


"Raw sculpture is my passion."

Roman Sirotin and Jennifer Gordon

A Short History Of Decay

Performance artists and painters/stylists Roman Sirotin and Jennifer Gordon brought their cirque du decay experience to WMA in Dec 2013.


Joy Selby Cain

I love Scarves

"Working with silk makes me feel alive." Joy's scintillating colors and textures excite all of the senses with luxurious silk scarfs, capes and shawls.

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